Shelly is a contestant on Brawl of the Objects who was placed on Team Vanilla.


Shelly may spook easily, but she is a determined and well liked competitor among her peers, even being a part of Team Chocolate's "friendship group." However, she seems to hang out with Slurpy more than the friendship group, which caused it to fall apart at one point. She tries her hardest in the challenges, even if it means going into a haunted house, or singing with a member of the other team.

Episode 1: How It All Began

Shelly started by playing a game with Popsicley and Boat. She won the game 15 times. The challenge started. She, along with Slurpy, rode Boat to search for the finish. While riding, Shelly wanted them to sing. However, both of them responded with a delicate "no". Shelly was close, but lost.

B.O.T.O. The Videogame

Shelly was chosen on Party Hat's team fourth, and was the fifth chosen contestant overall. When in the video game, Shelly got through all the obstacles, up until being ran over by a barrel. Then, she got run over again. Finally, she helped Pinecone get across, but instead gave both of them a game over. Although she got ran over 3 times, Shieldy won the challenge for her team, sparing her from elimination.

The Ever-Convenient Object's Shopping Mall

Shelly is first seen with BoatChocolatey, and Popsicley. Shelly walked with the others. She, along with Boat, Chocolatey, and Popsicley looked at Pear and Pizza having a conversation. Shelly, along with the others stared with their mouths wide open. Shelly, along with the rest of the team, walked. The went to "The Ever-Convenient Objects' Shopping Mall".