Voiced by: Antony/Anko6
Gender Male
Species Sapphire Gem
Team no team
Episode eliminated not a contestant
Place not a contestant
Friends Ruby at least
Rivals Pear and Scissors at least
Color Blue
Voiced by {{{voice}}}

Sapphire is a male candidate for debuting in A Treasured Welcome.  He is the number 1 fan.  He does not make it in, but he places 3rd with 21 votes.

His only lines are, "I am Brawl of the Objects #1 Fan. I've already been marked up in a lot of outcomes and so far they've all been right!  With my knowledge I'll be sure to make it far!" (Go, Battle Monster!), "YES!" and "Come on!  First my cousin and now me?" (A Treasured Welcome).


  • He is Ruby's older brother.  No one knows who his cousin is.
  • He is kinda like Fan from Inanimate Insanity II for both being fans of the shows they been on
  • Sapphire appeared on BFB as a recommended character