Rook is the servant of Dream World. He is seen in almost every D.W. scene.

BOTO's Next Star

When Scissors wakes up in Dream World in the epilogue, Rook asks her where she has been, then says she's the princess and the King's been waiting for her, and she'll be late for the ball if she doesn't hurry.

Meet Your Match

He then tells Scissors that Pear can't be queen because of Royal Blood. He offers several things to Scissors and she angrily rejects them. He is then gotten at for calling her "Highness".

He is then seen telling Pizza and Boombox that they will eventually be exiled for not knowing how to play chess.

Downhill Disasters

When the eliminated contestants are being thawed, Rook sees Scissors vanish out of sight then says "Oh my word!"

Rookie Mistakes

Rook tells Scissors that he wants to show her something. It is then revealed to a surprise birthday party. Scissors calls Rook a dork, but then she says he's kinda cool. Rook then prompts Scissors to make a wish. She says she wants to end Brawl of the Objects, which then sends Rook into insanity, apparently due to some unpleasant memories from a previous season he was on.


Your Highness, where have you been?

The King's Been Waiting for you!

Your The Princess, Silly and you will be late for the ball if you don't hurry!

Come on!


  • Rook was in the final 2 of the original Brawl of the objects, and he cheated by going through the lake. The other contestant died, so Rook was the one that was lost in the lake. The lake froze over and Rook was trapped.