Pizza and hot dog

Pizza is scared to sing.

This article focuses on the interactions between Pizza and Hot Dog.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In How It All Began, Hot Dog comforted Pizza when he was teased by Pear.  Later they agreed to join Party Hat, Shieldy and Boombox because Hot Dog knitted a car.  When Hot Dog's car was ruined, Pizza comforted him.

In BOTO: The Videogame, Pizza invited Hot Dog onto his team first.  Then in the videogame, when Scissors killed Pizza, Hot Dog got back at her by saying that Pizza's on their team, and Scissors said she didn't care, so Hot Dog pushed her off, likely to avenge Pizza.

In BOTO's Next Star, Hot Dog was worried about Pizza being unable to sing.

In Go, Battle Monster!, when Pizza was scared during the suspense, Hot Dog was worriedly looking at him, but Pizza was eliminated, Hot Dog was upset, and Pizza tried to tell him to never do anything to make the viewers want to vote him off, as revealed in Episode 9.

In Downhill Disasters, Hot Dog said he hoped Pizza would rejoin, then when Pizza rejoined, they were happy, and Pizza told him to never do anything to make the viewers want to vote him off.  Then when Slurpy said two people had to share a sled due to sled shortage, Hot Dog & Pizza agreed to share a sled.

In Unexpected Expedition, they attempted to pair up before Controlly announced that he chose the pairs.

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

There are none so far, but if Hot Dog's love for Chocolatey is revealed, then they might commence.


  • The two have been best friends prior to the series.
  • Both have an interest in knitting.
  • Even if they sometimes not agree on things, like Pizza not liking to sing and Hot Dog not really interested in cooking, both cheer each other to deal with the problem and are always side-to-side and agree on many things.