Pizza's Demo Reel
Brawl Of The Objects Shorts - Pizza's Demo Reel-0

Brawl Of The Objects Shorts - Pizza's Demo Reel-0

First Brawl of the Objects Short

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Pizza's Demo Reel is the first Brawl of the Objects short. It was released on December 18, 2017.


But hey, I figured Pizza would probably find solace in art forms other than singing. Let's face it, he probably does have a demo reel of similar quality.


The short starts in a film-noir scene with Pizza wearing a hat and mustache. He is adoring the beauty of a cone-shaped shell (which resembles Shelly). He then tells her there is something he must confess to her, and she is willing to hear anything while held in his arms. After a few failed attempts, Pizza reveals that he is not in love with her, but rather in love with Mr. Hat, who is also cone-shaped and resembles Party Hat. Pizza then tells Mr. Hat that he must know that Pizza has very imminent romantic valence for him. Meanwhile, Ms. Shelly lies in sadness. Then Pizza demands that Mr. Hat kiss him right away.

The scene then cuts to a movie theater (in real BOTO style), where Party Hat, Shieldy, Pizza, Shelly and Hot Dog are seated with popcorn, and are evidently watching said film-noir. Shelly is in tears, and Pizza breathes happily saying "this is art."

The video ends with an announcement of BOTO 13 coming in 2018, and it reveals the name of the episode to be How It All Ended.



  • On Anko6's video "Reviewing Here for You," he explained that instead of a song demo the following week, he would air a BOTO short, because he felt bad about keeping his BOTO fandom on hold.
  • In October 2017, Anko6 aired this sneak peek of the short.