Yo I'm Pinecone in the house with the cool you can finally hear me yeah yeah in my room baby set it to 3 epic face the cool the squish you need yeah and never the call there's no more to the song to me on the spot if you leave it to remember me what's up I forgot. Let me say yeah yeah so mine and don't mind you are instead of words say if you think me ties we so will ya on me we such a due to there is a fire it's hard to come up with some lines. Now let me say a word a couple times! Money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money. You're supposed to do a word and rap yo! Well obsolete shut it did inside yo! Now you hear me out my wishes are coming true but I'm gonna stop this number in 3, 2, 1...
— Pinecone, BOTO's Next Star

Pinecone is a male contestant on Brawl of the Objects. He is significantly smaller than any other contestant, being only an inch tall. However, in How It All Ended, he grew, to "flirt with the ladies".


Pinecone is so small it's hard to know if he's there. As the 2nd smallest contestant in Object Show history, Pinecone has a lot going for him. His high squeaky voice can make him almost impossible to understand, but when a microphone is near, he knows how to rap. Overall, Pinecone's size means little to his fellow competitors, as they all see him as a good friend when they're not stepping on or eating him.


  • Pinecone is the 2nd smallest contestant in object show history, only losing to Breadcrumb(TOMGR)
  • He has died more times than anyone else, being stepped on by Baguette, died in the video game challenge, eaten by Chocolatey, eliminated in episode 6, then being stepped on by Party Hat.
  • Pinecone was the first contestant in BOTO to receive exactly 100 votes and not be eliminated.
  • He sounds squeaky because he's so small, but he actually has a deep voice that is revealed in BOTO's Next Star.
  • Pinecone was the first contestant to be voted out by the other contestants, not the viewers.
  • Pinecone stole the Gold Ticket in How It All Ended and grew to be the same size as all the other players.