You are the meanest person ever!
— Pear to Pizza in How It All Began.

Pear is a female contestant on Brawl Of The Objects and was placed on Team Vanilla


Pear acts like a moody teen. She is a girly-girl who loves shopping, make up and doing her "hair” (stem). 

However, she is very mean-spirited, and is known to randomly insult the others, complain a lot, take offense to nearly everything and be generally unpleasant. She causes a lot of fights with her enemies.


In How It All Began, she bullied Pizza by saying that he has spots all over his Face and he is ugly. She tells Pizza about her "hair" (possibly referring to her stem), but Pizza can't see it. Then she gets out of control, saying that he can't accept how she looks, and he "can't accept how anybody looks", and ends talking by saying that he is the "meanest person ever" before leaving off-screen. In Downhill Disasters, Pear had a chance to rejoin but lost to Pizza with a 188-71 vote.


  • Pear loses her skin when she's angry and loses her stem when she's happy.
  • Even though Pear and Scissors are "mean" characters, Pear is a little different, who she takes offense to many things the others say, and acts rudely without realizing it, where Scissors is mean on purpose.
  • She is the lowest ranking member in Team Vanilla.