Party Hat and Shieldy in Ep. 3

This page focuses on the interactions between Party Hat and Shieldy.


They and Boombox are friends, and have gotten along well with each other a way lot.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In How It All Began, Party Hat agreed to team with Shieldy.

In BOTO: The Videogame, Shieldy was the second to be chosen onto Party Hat's team. They are the final two in the videogame, and unlike Go, Battle Monster! Shieldy loses to Party Hat.

In BOTO's Next Star, they sing the Internet Song with Slurpy and Boombox.

In A Treasured Welcome, Shieldy finds the blue tree for Party Hat.

In Unprepared To Be Scared, Party Hat is shocked at Shieldy's disappearance. Then when he sees Shieldy ghosted, he asks what happened and Shieldy asks him what happened to him.

In Downhill Disasters, they worked together to collect flags. When Controlly cannoned Shieldy, Party Hat gets at him for doing such a bad thing, then Party Hat gets cannoned as well.

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

In How It All Began, when Party Hat said "I can't drive!" Shieldy said "You shouldn't be kidding me!"

In The Ever Convenient Objects' Shopping Mall, Party Hat hypers into Shieldy's face. When Party Hat asks if there is a paying limit, Shieldy says he doesn't care because he's not gonna pay.

In Go, Battle Monster!, Party Hat beat Shieldy on a match.


  • Shieldy is younger, but he's more of a fan fave.