Party Hat is a contestant on Brawl of the Objects, he was the team captain of Team Vanilla.


Party Hat is one of the most well-liked objects in the game. He loves to party and have fun with his fellow teammates, including his two closest friends Shieldy and Boombox. However, his inability to drive has gotten him into a few situations, but he makes up for it with his leadership qualities.


In How It All Began, he is seen sitting with Boombox reminiscing about their cameos on BFDI and II. During the first challenge, he drives a car with Pizza, Hotdog, Shieldy and Boombox. Since he is unable to drive, he drove the car off a cliff and through the finish line. Since he was in the front, along with Pizza, he is made a team captain. When he learns he'll have to wait a month, he falls over.

In BOTO: The Videogame, Party Hat chose first, because he was in the drivers seat of the car. He chose Boombox, Shieldy, Shelly, Slurpy, Pinecone and Pear to be on his team. He does well in the video game challenge, being the last object to lose all of his lives. Since Shieldy won, he was safe from elimination.


First Video!!!


  • Party Hat appeared on two episodes of Inanimate Insanity.
    • One of them because Anko won the fan art contest for Inanimate Insanity, while the other was a short cameo.
  • Party Hat is unable to drive, as shown not being able to ride a sled or a car.
  • Due to his appearance and high-pitched voice, he is often mistaken as a female.
  • Party Hat resembles the beta hat from Club Penguin.
  • He is one of the final 5 in Brawl Of The Objects.


Party Hat fails to drive correctly.


  1. "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm finally on YouTube! Um, okay, I guess I need to introduce myself for those who don't know me. I'm Party Hat, Anko6's main character; I am male, I have purple stripes, and, before you start asking I am the winner of the BFDI and II fan art contests, and I've started animating! YAY!" - Party Hat