Party Hat Sleeping (picture constructed by Nicholas McConnell)


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(Party Hat and Boombox appears in a land with grass)

Party Hat: Say, Boombox, can you play the song that we were listening to yesterday?

(Boombox turns on beeps)

Party Hat: Ah, it reminds me of those times we were on BFDI and II, remember that?

Boombox: MHM, I do!

Party Hat: You know, I wish were on a show like that. All we need is a host.

(cuts to Pizza and Pear)

Pear: Pizza, you have spots in your face, and you're ugly, Okay?

Pizza: (angry) Hey! This is pepperoni! And i don't need fashion tips from you.

Pear: Yeah, you just keep saying that. So, how's my hair?

Pizza: Hair?

Pear: y- You can't see it? Are you saying that I should grow it longer?

Pizza: No, I just sa-

Pear: You can't accept how you look, In fact you can't accept how ANYBODY looks. You are the meanest person ever!

(Pear runs away crying)

Hot Dog: Aw, Don't listen to her Pizza, she's just mean!

Pizza: Don't worry, i know. But thanks anyways.

(Cuts to Chocolatey and pinecone)

Chocolatey:And the next morning, my pillow wasn't there.

(Pinecone laughs, and baguette walks and squishes him)

Baguette: Bonjour, mon ami chocolaté! Comment ça va aujourd'hui? (Hello, my friend Chocolatey! How's it going today?)

Chocolatey: Baguette, you just squished pinecone! How could you!

Baguette: Pomme de pin? Vous êtes sérieux? C'est une honte, même si il est trop petit pour dire ce qu'il dit. Là encore, je suis français, donc... (Pinecone? You're serious? It's a shame, even if he's too small to tell what he's saying. Then again, I'm french, so...)

(Cuts to Slurpy and Shieldy)

Slurpy: So, Shieldy, wanna chat?

(Shieldy stays, slurpy gets angry)

Slurpy: Is there a reason you don't want to talk to me?

Shieldy: No, it's just that.

(Scissors appears)

Scissors: Hey 'Legless', enjoy today?

Slurpy: Hey, don't call me legless!

Scissors: Why not? what'll you do about it?

(Scissors knocks Slurpy)

Slurpy: Huh-Hey!

(Boat, Shelly and Popsicley with a board game appear)

(Shelly wins the game)

Shelly: Wow, I win again!

Boat: Big surprise, that's the 15th time today

Popsicley: Uhh... just not team anyone?

Controlly: Say, who wants to play a different game?

Boat: Uh... who are you?

(Controlly, angry with fire background)


(Shelly, Boat and Popsicley's face and dun dun dun)

Controlly: In my new show, Brawl of the Objects!

Shieldy: Huh? What's that?

Controlly: Here. let me show you.

(Controlly picks up the competition info)

Controlly: All you guys compete in a challenge each month. And one of you will be eliminated each month until the final 2. The final 2 compete in a final challenge to see who will win the grand prize.

(BOTO may not be right for you, side effects include explosive diarrhea, the heebie jeebies, embarrasing nausea attacks, death by mustache, addictions to kittens and possible implosion of the brain.)

Party Hat: So, it is kinda like BFDI?

Controlly: Yup. Before we can start, we have to choose teams. The first to choose the finish line to choose the team for Brawl of the Objects. Go!

(Intro rolls)

(Pizza and Hotdog appears)

Pizza: Wait, where is it?

Controlly: Whenever yourselves!

(Shieldy, Boombox and Party hat appear)

Shieldy: Hey, wanna team up?

Party Hat: Sure!

Boombox: MHM!

Hot Dog: Hey, how could I join?

Pizza: the glasses during summer!

Party Hat: Uh, how we can help us.

(Hot Dog knits a car)

Party Hat: Welcome to the gang!

(Pinecone gets recovered in the CRS)

(cuts to Baguette, pinecone screams and falls into him, and Baguette looks for him)

Baguette: Ah, pomme de pin! Désolé pour vous écraser tôt, voulez-vous aider à trouver la finition? (Ah, pinecone! Sorry for squishing you earlier, do you want help finding the finish?)

(Cuts to Slurpy, shelly and Boat)

Shelly: Hey slurpy, wanna come with me and boat?

Boat: Luckily my water. I will fru me for second person.

Slurpy: Wow really? Sure! will be great! Perfect for legless person like me!

(Pear, Popsicley and chocolatey walks)

Pear: Hey stop! like, come with you?

Chocolatey: Well, I dunno. Why don't you go with Scissors?

Pear: Cause, like she's mean to everybody.

Popsicley: (laughs) She's mean, you pretty mean too.

Pear: OK, I'm like totally joining you guys.

Scissors: Who needs you guys?! I'll just find the finsh by myself!

Party Hat: Comfortable, everyone?

Pizza, Hot Dog, Shieldy and Boombox: Yep. (Everyone except Shieldy and Boombox) Uh-huh. (Shieldy and Boombox)

Party Hat: Then let's go!

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