How It All Began is the premier/pilot episode of Brawl of the Objects.


So, fourteen contestants are bunched together in this grassy world having happy-fun-times, when suddenly this videogame controller appears and brings them into his competition for a prize of great value! The first challenge is a race the two winners will choose the teams for the competition contestants

The race begins with people deciding to join up in teams and hot dog says he took knitting classes over summer so he knits his alliance a car.


At the first lines, Party Hat asks Boombox to play the song that he listened yesterday. And he is reminded of BFDI, and II wished that they would be in that show. Pear bullies Pizza by saying that he has Spots all over his face and he is ugly, angering him. He says that his Spots are Pepperoni. Pear asks Pizza how's her Hair, but he could not see her Hair. When he talked mid-sentence,she angrily cuts it off that he can't accept her look, and anybody looks, and calls him the the Meanest Person Ever, talking angrily, and run away. Hot Dog says to Pizza not to care Pear since she is mean. The Scene cuts to Chocolatey talking to Pinecone. She said that the next day, her pillow was not there. Baguette squishes and kills Pinecone, and asks Chocolatey how it's going today. Chocolatey says that he squished Pinecone, sadly. Baguette told her that he squished Pinecone because he is too small to tell what he's saying, and he says that he is French. Slurpy asks Shieldy to wanna talk to her. He did not do, angering Slurpy. Scissors comes into the Discussion and calls Slurpy Legless, angering her. Then, she says that why not, and what is she gonna do about it, and she hurts Slurpy. Popsicley, Shelly and Boat are playing Ladders and Snakes. Shelly throws the dice, and won the game. Boat says that that's the 15th time she won today.