Hot dog chocolatey

Hot Dog and Chocolatey in Episode 6.

This article focuses on the interactions between Hot Dog and Chocolatey.


Hot Dog and Chocolatey have never really interacted at the beginning of the series.  Soon, after Pizza's elimination, they spoke a lot.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In A Treasured Welcome, they both voted for Pinecone to be eliminated.  Then, when Chocolatey asks if anyone knows where a blue tree is, Hot Dog suggests a tree store, then iGuy.  Later Hot Dog finds the blue tree for Chocolatey.

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

In Go, Battle Monster!, Hot Dog and Chocolatey are fighting each other in the second round and she defeats him.

In Unprepared To Be Scared, Chocolatey tells Hot Dog that she doesn't like that he's microwaving a sandwich from the refrigerator.  Then when Chocolatey runs away from the sandwich, Hot Dog asks her why she did this.


Rumor has it that they love each other.