The epilogues in Brawl of the Objects! (not counting fan episodes)

Episode 1 - How It All Began

(Hot Dog is crying at his ruined car)

Pizza / Sorry for the loss, Hot Dog.

Hot Dog / I remember when I first stitched you, about five minutes ago... *sob* *sob* *sob*

Episode 2 - BOTO The Videogame

(Antony is seen in real life, holding the animate Controlly in his hands, playing the video game in the castle opposite what the contestants played; with the princess' husband and a robot.)

Robot / Sorry, the Princess is in another castle.

Episode 3 - The Ever Convenient Objects' Shopping Mall

Party Hat / Hey Chocolatey! *panting* Do you know where Pine Cone is?  I've been looking for him everywhere!

Chocolatey / Hmm... (pause) I have no idea.

Episode 4 - BOTO's Next Star

(Scissors wakes up and stands up, in a different world)

Scissors / Euh... *gasp* Umm... hello?  Hello? (reads a sign) Welcome...To...Dream...World?

Rook / Yo Highness, where have you been?

Scissors / Huh?

Rook / The King's been waiting for you.

Scissors / King?  Highness?  What?

Rook / You're the Princess, silly, and you'll be late for the ball if you don't hurry!


Rook / Come on! (pulling scissors along)

Episode 5 - Go, Battle Monster!

Shieldy / I can't believe there's gonna be a new player!

Party Hat / I know!  I'm so excited!

Boombox / Remember when we were recommended characters, Party Hat?

Party Hat / Yeah.  That was nice.

(Boat breaks the 4th wall like she did right before the title screen)

Episode 6 - A Treasured Welcome

(Big Orange Chicken sees that the other contestants have gargled on all of the gold chicken nuggets in the treasure chest, then he sheds a tear.)

Episode 7 - Unprepared to be Scared

Antony / After everybody came back together...

(Team Chocolate is on the left, and Team Vanilla is on the right.)


Slurpy / How do we unghostify ourselves?

Episode 8 - Meet Your Match

(Title screen for Battle of the Objects just like there was with Brawl of the Objects, then a mark saying CANCELLED)

Episode 9 - Downhill Disasters

(Party Hat and Shieldy are behind a fort on one side; Slurpy and Shelly are behind a fort on the other)

Party Hat / Alright!  Snowball fight time!  3 2 1 GO!

(Shieldy turns around and rolls a snowball, which a blinking thing then pokes out of)

Slurpy / NO, SHIELDY, DON'-!

(snowball falls on Slurpy and explodes)

Episode 10 - Unexpected Expedition

(Pink and Purple run out of the cave)

Purple / Yes!  We're finally out!  I can't believe we actually-

(a boulder runs them over)

Episode 11 - If You Can't Take The Heat

(They are sitting on the ingredients pile)

Chocolatey / (sigh) I can't believe how unreliable some people can be.

Princess Diamond / Tell me about it!

Episode 12 - Rookie Mistakes

Party Hat, Shieldy, Shelly, Pizza and Hot Dog are doing an activity with the stick they were handed.

Episode 13 - How It All Ended

Pinecone shows up much larger than before, presumably the cause of Shelly's brain implosion.

Pinecone: Aww yeah, five inches taller, and lookin' fresh! Now I can finally flirt with all the ladies!

Pinecone goes to Popsicley, Chocolatey and Party Hat.

Pinecone: Hey there.

Chocolatey: What?

Pinecone: Are you a bunch of smoked sausages? 'Cause you are... (breathes) smokin'...

Popsicley: I'm suddenly really unattracted to you.

Chocolatey: I don't know you.

Party Hat: I don't think I'm what you're looking for.

Those three then disappear from the screen.

Pinecone: Ohh...