Doorknob / Door Handle
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Voiced by: Antony/Anko6
Gender Female
Species Doorknob
Team no team
Episode eliminated not a contestant
Place not a contestant
Friends Toothbrush, Slurpy, Shelly
Rivals Pear and Scissors
Color Light Brown
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Doorknob is a female candidate for debuting in A Treasured Welcome.  She does not debut, as she has only 4 votes.


  • Toothbrush are crush.
  • Coincidentally, she and Toothbrush are tied at the same number of votes in both episodes 6 (at 4 each) and 6' (at 113 each).
  • She is silent in Episodes 6 and 6', but in Episode 5, she says "Hi, I'm Doorknob, but you can call me Doorknob or Door Handle.  I don't mind.  You should pull me in!"