Diamond, also known as Princess Diamond, is a female recurring character in Brawl of the objects.


She is first seen in B.O.T.O. The Videogame, specifically in the video game. When Shieldy successfully defeats the hacker, it saves Diamond, and she consequently thanks him. She then she'd kiss him, but her husband is waiting in another castle.

Her next appearance is in If You Can't Take The Heat, sitting with Chocolatey in the epilogue. Chocolatey, after having used a fake recipe, says she can't believe how unreliable some people could be, then Diamond asks her to tell her about it.

Her final role is in How It All Ended, where she is first seen voting for Shieldy in the social challenge. Later on, when Emerald finds her on the bleachers, she tells him that he spent 25 years trying to search for her in obscure, incorrect places. She explains that there was a note instructing him to climb out of a castle, but since he didn't do that, she got out of the castle and remarried to a dragon. She then flies away on the dragon, leaving Emerald shocked.


In A Treasured Welcome, Emerald shows up in the treasure chest that Team Vanilla opens up, asking if any of them has seen her. A similar thing happens in If You Can't Take The Heat when Emerald shows up out of the ingredients pile, in front of Chocolatey, asking if she's seen her.


  • Diamond was originally seen in a video game.