The full, main cast of Brawl of the Objects.

Brawl of The Objects is a Canadian animated web series and premiered on January 1, 2013 and ended on September 1, 2018 (5 years, 8 months / 2,068 days), on Anko6theAnimator's YouTube Channel.

The series centers around 14 inanimate objects battling for an unknown grand prize in the form of many challenges. The objects are split up into two teams until a merge, the team that loses each episode is put for elimination. The viewers vote for which contestant on the losing team they want to be eliminated in the comments section. The contestant with the most votes to eliminated for is eliminated early in the following episode. This process repeats itself until there are only two contestants left who battle it out for the grand prize.


  • Anko6theAnimator voices every contestant on the show, with the exception of Controlly and Shieldy (who is voiced by Nicholas), in every episode since the pilot.
  • Brawl of The Objects is animated with Anime Studio Pro 8.
  • Episode 2: BOTO: The Video Game was delayed from its original release date of February 1, 2013 to March 1st, 2013 due to sibling rivalries.
  • The show's plot is reminiscent of Total Drama Island and Battle For Dream Island.
  • Episodes usually take a month to produce.
  • The show uses a slightly different art style than most object shows, because of the fact that unlike other object shows, BOTO runs on Anime Studio Pro instead of Adobe Professional.


  • Anko6theAnimator: Creator, Animator, Voice Actor, Storyboard Artist
  • Nicholas: Storyboard Artist, Voice Actor


Participant Team Status Placing
Scissors Chocolate 1st Eliminated in The Ever Convenient Objects' Shopping Mall 15th Place Non-Merged
Pear Vanilla 2nd Eliminated in BOTO's Next Star 14th Place
Pizza Chocolate

Returns in Downhill Disasters

3rd Eliminated in Go, Battle Monster!

Pinecone Vanilla 4th Eliminated in A Treasured Welcome 13th Place
Boombox Vanilla 5th Eliminated in Unprepared To Be Scared 12th Place
Big Orange Chicken Chocolate

Debuts in A Treasured Welcome

6th Eliminated in Meet Your Match

11th Place
Popsicley Chocolate 7th Eliminated in Downhill Disasters 10th Place
Slurpy Vanilla 8th Eliminated in Unexpected Expedition 9th Place Merged
Boat Chocolate 9th Eliminated in If You Can't Take The Heat 8th Place
Chocolatey Chocolate 10th Eliminated in Rookie Mistakes 7th Place
Baguette Chocolate 11th Eliminated in Rookie Mistakes 6th Place
Hot Dog Chocolate 12th Elimianted in How It All Ended 5th Place
Pizza Chocolate 13th Eliminated in How It All Ended 4th Place
Party Hat Vanilla 14th Eliminated in How It All Ended 3rd Place
Shelly Vanilla Runner-Up in How It All Ended 2nd Place
Shieldy Vanilla Winner in How It All Ended 1st Place