Boombox and Party Hat at the beginning of BOTO!

This article focuses on the interactions between Boombox and Party Hat.


Not to exclude Shieldy, of course, they're best friends.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In How It All Began, they spoke at the very beginning, and agreed to team with Shieldy during the challenge.

In BOTO: The Videogame, Boombox was the first to be chosen by Party Hat.

In BOTO's Next Star, Party Hat smiled when Boombox was declared safe; and they sang the Internet Song with Slurpy and Shieldy.

In A Treasured Welcome, when Baguette votes Boombox, Party Hat looks at him worriedly.

In Unprepared To Be Scared, Party Hat moans the loss of Boombox.

In Downhill Disasters, when Chocolatey asks who they hope will rejoin, Party Hat says he hopes it'll be Boombox.

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

There are none so far.  How nice.


Both were recommended characters in other shows.

Boombox was the only recommended character in BFDIA 1, and he was recommended by Anko6.  He shows up in the epilogue advertising the Leafy Detector.

Party Hat shows up in II Ep. 14, because Anko6 won Adam's fan art contest, and he could pick anyone to be in the episode.  He demands a boomerang, and when it fails to go to him he cries.