Boat offers to carry Popsicley in Episode 6

This page focuses on the interactions between Boat and Popsicley.


They're friends, and they're part of a friendship group.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In BOTO: The Videogame, they entered the castle top together.

In The Ever Convenient Objects' Shopping Mall, both went to the music store.  When Boat said she didn't know what to buy, Popsicley suggested to listen to jazz.  Later, Boat told Popsicley she was checking out.

In A Treasured Welcome, when Popsicley was horrified by the mountain, Boat offered to carry her.  For capacity purposes, she carried Chocolatey as well.


  • When suggested the jazz in the music store, Boat thanked Popsicley; and when offered to be carried Popsicley thanked Boat.
  • Boat was eliminated in a fanon Episode 9, and Popsicley was eliminated in the canon Episode 9.
  • That's why I decided to make this reaction page.