Before the Intro

(Episode Starts with Controlly watching a TV)

Pizza: Controlly, hey Controlly guess what? We finally decided the Team Names!

Party Hat: Yep! My Team Name is gonna be Team Vanilla, and Pizza's gonna be Team Chocolate!

Pizza: Everyone Else like the names like to break through in case you wanted to know.

Party Hat: They did?

Pizza: Shh!

Controlly: Nice Idea, so will be Team Names will be the Two Flavors of Cake?

Party Hat: Yep!

Pizza: Basically.

Controlly: Alright, I'll generate the Logos.

(Controlly gets the 2 Team Logos)

Controlly: There they are!

Pizza: Wait, how did you generate those?

Controlly: With my Computer of course.

(Controlly touches the Computer Twice)

(Screen Zoom Out to see the whole Computer)

Controlly: (Shouting) ITS A Z1 computer,OK?


After the Intro

Pear: Team Vanilla? But I hate Vanilla!

Party Hat: Oh,I'm sorry, I didn't.

Pear: I mean,you could have named us something like Team Glamor or,wait that's the name with the dumb Lipstick. Oh,maybe Team Fabulo- oh, wait no,that's the name with the Ugly Makeup Girl. Wait,better yet,Team-

Controlly: Enough already! Let's just go to the Elimination.



Controlly: Welcome to the Elimination Team Vanilla. One of you are about to be Eliminated from the Game. If you're safe,I'll give you a box. One contains something useful for the Challenge,while the rest will ____

Slurpy: Geez,that's exciting!

Controlly: Onto the votes,we got 332 votes in total,which is more than last time. Shieldy and Slurpy are both safe at 12 votes each.

Shieldy: Yes!

Slurpy: Alright! (Gets thrown off the Chair by being shot by a Box) Ahh!

Controlly: Safe with 13 votes is Party Hat.

Party Hat: Yeah!

Controlly: Shelly,you're safe with 17 votes.

Shelly: Huh? Hooray!

Controlly: Boombox is also safe, with 49 votes.

Boombox: Yay!

(Screens show Pear sad and Pinecone being shocked)

(The Votes of Pear and Pinecone are shown)

Controlly: Pinecone,you're safe with exactly 100 votes, Pear,you've been eliminated with 129.

Pinecone: Yay! (Gets thrown off the Chair)

Pear: Wait,no,this can't happen! I mean, I still have too much to Accomplish in my Life. I'll give you Fifty reasons why you shouldn't freeze me right now!

(Freezer lands on Pear)

Pear: No wa-

(Pear and the Freezer Liquid get frozen)

Shelly: No Pear, she was something Special!

Shieldy: Yeah,she was special alright?